Sadistic Intent 7"

by Dopecopper



"Sadistic Intent" is the first Dopecopper release on Grimoire records. Recorded by Noel Mueller at Dishaus in Baltimore, MD. Mixed and mastered by Noel Mueller. © 2014, Grimoire Records.


released February 18, 2014

Available on cassette and digital at Grimoire Records:



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Dopecopper Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: No Love
death - the great equalizer.
man and beast scream alike.

all idols fall, all systems falter.
love wilts. return to the wind.
dystopia is now.

the joy of destruction.
lusting for oblivion.
Track Name: Paralysis
the all encompassing cold.
winter takes control again.
from a chasm of doubt,
grudges boiling for ages.
mankind has left it's mark.
the disease of this filthy world.

trapped inside. no worse hell. vicious cycles. damned from the beginning.

bitter winds.
bleeding earth.
tortured world.
the self fulfilling prophecy.
Track Name: Sleeping Leeches
justice system? swallow their lies. there is no justice for the innocent who die. different puppet, the masters the same. pushing pawns in a ruthless power game.

endlessly toiling for their profit.
human life is a commodity.
your existence is just a dollar sign.

the system was never broken, it was built that way.

the final nail in our coffin.
Track Name: 199X
the spirit of greed controls the land. vomiting pollution, defiling without remorse... your money won't save you. consumption without consequence? there will be a retribution.

corrupt souls.
guilty minds.
bloody hands.
crux of man.

a welcome extinction.
Track Name: Life Gets Away
the outcome is always the same, a never ending game.
overwhelming isolation.
drowning in insanity.
a wall of fucking anger.

life gets away.
Track Name: Burning Future
the stagnant wounds that humanity creates.
stoking the fires of fear and hate.
what kind of future is this?
polluted skies for mutated minds.

the cruel hand of fate.
electrifying violence, charging all bad blood.

grinding to our graves.
the sickest game we can play, falling into a life charade.